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Lilac Flower Essence

Lilac Flower Essence

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This small-batch flower essence of Lilac is undiluted and can be used topically and consumed orally. The folks at Keetna Farms forage and gather their plants and herbs from the wild Alaskan surroundings, as well as from their herbal gardens. There are no commercial fertilizers used in their cultivation and the family practice bio-dynamic gardening practices. 

The flowers are edible and once extracted into a tincture, the flower essence can be ingested to benefit from the flower's healing and calming properties. 

Medicinal Benefits: Lilac oil's benefits can be attributed to its healing properties, namely sedative, tonic, and antiseptic. It may prove helpful to calm anxious nerves.

Suggested Use: Use Orally, 4 to 6 drops daily. Adding a few drops in a burner will help relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety. As a topical agent. Mix it with a safe carrier oil and apply to sunburn, rashes, and wrinkles or use as a mild massage oil. You can also mix the oil into your bath or beauty products. Add it to your favorite lotion or cream

Ingredients:  Lilac Flower, Spring Water, 2% Brandy

Size:  2 fluid ounces.
This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult your doctor beforehand. 
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