Lavender Organic Deodorant

Lovett Sundries

This natural deodorant is gentle and effective, keeping you fresh all day. While we all know most deodorants and antiperspirants have harmful chemicals, with this soothing and calming lavender scent and natural ingredients, you never have to compromise. At the end of the day, everybody sweats its how we regulate our temperature and flush out toxins so keep loving and respecting your body with this armpit ally!

Healing Benefits:

  • Arrowroot powder absorbs and wicks away moisture and odor.
  • Coconut OIl and Beeswax soothe, moisturize and protect our sensitive underarm skin.

Suggested Use: Apply to underarms as needed.

Size: 2.11 ounces (59 grams). 5 inches tall, Zero waste cardboard tube.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Arrowroot powder, baking soda, beeswax, Lavender essential oil. All organic ingredients.

Meet the Maker: Lovett Sundries is a family-owned apothecary in Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania that got started when friends and family begged for more of their handmade products. With an emphasis on recyclable, repurposed or post-consumer packaging (preferably all three) they take pride in being eco-friendly and strive to reduce their footprint and be zero waste.