Celebrating the Power of Plants for Conscious Living ~
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Celebrating the Power of Plants for Conscious Living

 Our Certified Organic Joy Tonic is a carefully formulated blend of aromatic herbs and flowers that help to support you through life’s transitions (big and small) with grace and ease. We know stress is inevitable, and rather than trying to stimulate our way through it, or sedate our way out of it, we do best when we relax, focus, and engage the stressor. Our Joy Tonic adjusts the level of tension in our nervous systems, internal organs, and blood vessels. Its volatile components can reawaken us when we feel sad, uninspired or withdrawn and relax us when we feel stressed, anxious, frazzled, and overwhelmed. Feedback between body and mind moves towards synchrony and we feel peaceful. From this place we make better decisions and become more inspired and creative. Stress becomes a tool for positive change rather than a source of anxiety.

2 oz. Bottle - reusable, refillable, ecological, economical

Ingredients: Water, Org. Grape Alcohol, Org. Motherwort, 
Org. Linden, Org. Rose., Org. Lemon Balm, Org. Lemongrass, Org. Mugwort. 
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Organic Joy Tonic