Jetlag First Aid

The Alchemist's Kitchen

Jetlag, also known as time zone change syndrome, occurs when people travel rapidly across time zones, disrupting sleep, and the circadian rhythms in the body. For many, it often takes several days to recover from bouts of irritability, lethargy, and insomnia. This whole plant-based formulation is likely to become a favorite travel companion, designed to relax the body, restore circadian balance, and refresh the body clock. 


Avenia Sativa, Ginko Bilboa, Skullcap, Motherwort, Chinese Motherwort, Passion Flower, Olive Leaf, Ashwaganda, Blue Verain and touch of honey. 100% Organic, gluten-free


2 to 4 dropperfuls per day as needed. 

Size: 30 ml. 


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