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Dreaming of a multi-use garden? Make your vision a reality with this vial of precious high-quality Japanese Indigo seeds and nurture your green-thumb and creativity. Novice or expert dyers and growers welcome!

Fun fact: Dyed Indigo textiles have been found as early as 6,000 years ago in Huaca Perú but can be found throughout the world.

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Inside The Kit

  • Enough seeds to sow a 10 x 20-foot patch of Indigo(Species: Persicaria Tinctoria)
  • A link to growing instructions, information, and tutorial for fresh-leaf dyeing.

Suggested Use & Tips

Germinate in bulk by soaking seeds overnight in cold water before sprinkling them atop several inches (2-4) of organic soil and then sprinkle a 1/2 inch on top of the germinated seeds whilst watering them in.

When Seedlings are a minimum of 4 inches tall or have 4-5 sets of leaves transplant into a deeper pot or in the ground in full sunlight and water regularly as roots establish.


  • Germination is key!
  • Only transplant when the frost has passed (this is not a hearty winter plant)

Meet the Maker

Founded by Graham Keegan a plant loving artisan with a love of natural and plant based dye.

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