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Holding Flower & Gem Tincture

Sister Spinster

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This formula is for those who feel that they have had their energy drained, taken, or withheld from them and are working toward re-establishing their sense of self. Borage essence gives us courage to take action, and Pine calls in self-forgiveness and rooted tenderness. Rosemary helps us return to the body in a way that feels grounded and empowered. Mullein draws scattered energy towards the center of our bodies, creating a focused strength from within. Rose is the warrior of the heart, helping us hold our blossoming selves with compassion and clear boundaries. 

Suggested Use:  3-13 drops taken 3x a day taken on the tongue, in a glass of water, or in your bath. 

Ingredients:  Essences of Rose, Borage, Rosemary, and Mullein in a rose and honey brandy. 

Meet the Maker:  Liz Migliorelli, founder of Sister Spinster, is a western herbalist and magic maker who believes in affordable, accessible, community-based health care and the healing power of plants.