Celebrating the Power of Plants for Conscious Living ~
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Celebrating the Power of Plants for Conscious Living

Honey, like wine, coffee, chocolate, and cheese, is part of America’s epicurean food awakening. Once you have eaten an exquisite honey, you will always know the difference between a generic honey and that of a raw product with unique local tastes and floral aromas.

Most honey sold in the United States is filtered, heated, and marketed as an alternative sweetener. The fact is, mass produced honey offers no nutritional benefits and are not labeled or regulated to inform the public. 

Highland Honey follows ancient traditions of using botanical remedies, blending pure wildflower honey with herbs, roots, and flowers to support vitality and health. This honey can be taken each day in small micro-doses, a tea spoon by itself, or paired with a warm tea.

The taste of this honey conveys an awareness of high quality and the particular tastes of Boulder County. Honey quality is partially dependent on the unique interaction of geology, geography and climate, and how these factors affect plant life. The food source for bees are nectars and pollens from local plant life. These factors combine to create a “taste of place,” a concept often used in wine and fine food culture, and germane to our distinctive honey. These unique qualities of a region, along with the skills of the beekeeper, and the texture of the honey, all combine to produce the unique and artisanal honey of Highland Honey Bees.

Highland Honey's hives, located primarily in Boulder County, Colorado, are moved several times a year to take advantage of a variety of local nectar flows. This creates the high quality honey we are proud to pass on to you.

9 oz.

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