Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray

Made by Captain Blankenship

Captain Blankenship's original Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray gets golden! It's the classic organic Sea Salt Hair Spray formula but with added natural gold mica for beautiful shimmer. This golden magic works well on all hair colors, adding life, shine, and strength to your tresses. Stroll through a sunbeam and watch your organic glam make heads turn!

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Atlantic Sea Salt adds texture and gentle beach waves to hair. Organic Aloe Vera adds moisture and light hold to hair. Organic Sea Kelp Extract is naturally rich in beneficial minerals and vitamins that nourish both hair and scalp. Organic Essential Oils of Rose Geranium and Palmarosa create a beachy rose scent that you won't be able to get enough of. Natural Gold Mica adds subtle golden shimmer.


Water, Sea Salt, Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Organic Sea Kelp Extract, Gold Mica, Organic Essential Oils of Rose Geranium and Palmarosa.




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