Celebrating the Power of Plants for Conscious Living ~
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Celebrating the Power of Plants for Conscious Living

Third Eye Flower and Gem Tincture

This beautifully crafted tincture by Sister Spinster Apothecary is designed to enhance your psychic powers and strengthen intuition. It features essences of angelica, globe arrow, and monkey flower. We enjoy adding a few drops to a morning or evening tea. Use sparingly under the tongue when seeking insight or purpose around an event or decision. 

Sacred Space (Palo Santo + White Sage) Spray

This spirit-calling mist is formulated with some of the most sacred plants in the world. Locally wildcrafted desert sage extract, white sage, palo santo, holy basil, white fir, and specific flower essences are swirling together in this little bottle, to help us to commune with Spirit and release all that is not needed. Use to clear the air, invite fresh energy, ground yourself in the earth, and find sacredness in everything....Handcrafted by Plantfolk in Taos, New Mexico.

La Tierra Sagrada Hair Treatment

La Tierra Sagrada's Hair Treatment is a natural remedy for dry hair, split ends, and sun exposure during the hot summer months. Coconut oil conditions, hydrates, and soothes damaged hair. Babassu oil adds shine and smoothness. Meadowfoam seed oil seals in moisture. Vitamin E antioxidizes and moisturizes dry split ends. Rosemary adds shine and moisture. Palo Santo provides protection, uplifts the spirit, and balances out scalp and skin irritations. Ayahuasca vine essence (Note: this is non-hallucinogenic) opens, strengthens, and protects the hair.

One Spirit Medicine by Alberto Villoldo

In the West, we’re accustomed to looking to doctors and experts to guide us in our healing, growth, and learning. Our schools, businesses, religions, and government are hierarchical. In the Amazon, however, there are no levels of management between us and Spirit. The shaman—the wise old man or woman—is honored as a healer but is not regarded as superior to other members of the village. The shaman is simply a skilled facilitator who interacts with both the visible and invisible worlds to help restore balance to body, mind, and soul.

The message of One Spirit Medicine is that you don’t need to track down a shaman to find Spirit, or look outside yourself to find health. You only have to look within. That’s where you will receive One Spirit Medicine.

If you have the courage, One Spirit Medicine can pull you into an entirely different life, one with new health, new wisdom, new activities, new relationships, new opportunities. You’ll begin to feel more at home in your own skin. Changes you make will stick, and nothing will deter you from following your dreams.

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