Mushroom Hot Cacao with Reishi

Four Sigmatic

The unique combo of spices and Reishi mushroom in this hot cacao drink will help you wind down and will likely to become a daily ritual for your health and wellness.  Besides being delicious and easy to use, cacao has a long history of being used as a delivery system for other functional ingredients.  Reishi, a Chinese herbal mushroom believed to help reduce stress and improve sleep quality, is blended with cacao, cinnamon, and cardamom for a calming espression-style beverage. 

Four Sigmatic wants to help people make medicinal mushrooms a part of their daily habit for the therapeutic properties.


Decaf. Vegan. Paleo. Keto friendly. Non-GMO. Gluten Free. Organic. 

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Recommended Use
+ Drink this cacao espresso-style, adding one packet to 3 fluid oz. of hot water.
+ Drink this beverage in the early evening to wind down, or as a dessert drink to create a relaxing moment.
+ Try adding a splash of coconut milk or nutmilk, which blends beautifully with this drink’s cinnamon and cardamom flavors.


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