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Flower Power Facial Steam

Wild Honey Botanicals

Experience a calming, soothing facial with a floral steam-- blended with hand-picked organic and sustainably wild harvested botanicals that are prized for their anti-inflammatory, soothing, anti-oxidant, and hydrating properties.

Suggested Use: Place a light palm full in a bowl of steaming water... make a "tent" with a towel to direct the lovely steam toward your face. Relax and enjoy the soft steam until it dissipates. Rinse face with cool water if desired. 

Ingredients: Red Clover, Cornflower, Chamomile, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Cedar, calendula, and essential oils.

Meet the Maker:  Kat (holistic RN) and Greg live and work in the Madison Wisconsin area. Studying and working with botanicals for over 15 years, they are dedicate to their wild sacredness.