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Double Blind Magazine

Double Blind Magazine

Issue No 5

In Issue 5, we explore not only what it means to do psychedelics, but what it means to live psychedelically. Who are we in our deepest moments of clarity? And what does it mean to put those realizations into action? Inside the issue, we cover the future of MDMA godfather Sasha Shulgin's legacy, what happens when psychedelics throw us into spiritual crisis, and what curandera Maria Sabina’s life teaches us. As we come out of the psychedelic trip that was the pandemic, we’ve been prompted to question our values—and hope that the stories between the pages of Issue 5 help you query and solidify your values, too

Issue No 4 

It’s now widely accepted among folks in the field that psychedelics will be legal in the next decade. So now, the question becomes: what will that look like? In our fourth issue, we speak to the leading psychedelic drug development companies in an attempt to answer this question. We also highlight indigenous voices with an homage to Amazonian artist Pablo Amaringo and a feature on the Huichols, a native group to Mexico, that’s fighting to preserve the land where they’ve been collecting peyote for generations. Find all this, plus practical advice like how to come out to friends and family as a psychedelic user, and much more

Issue No 2

In DoubleBlind's second issue, we cover the latest developments in the rapidly expanding psychedelic movement. Reporter Zach Sokol explores why decriminalizing psychedelics—and growing your own mushrooms—is the best way to combat "corporadelics" (yes, that's a thing). We also look at ayahuasca for conflict resolution among Israelis and Palestinians; the rise of men's healing circles; and the beauty of female friendship, across generations. Buy the issue now for these stories, poetry, photography, art, and so much more.


Meet The Maker: Doubleblind is a provocative digital media company and biannual print magazine that covers stories about psychedelics and how it is intertwined with mental health and environmental justice. Listening to the indigenous communities that use and preserve these traditions, and shedding light on the people in our society who need it most but may not have access. They are here to speak to curious and craving fresh perspectives, not the veteran tripper or evangelizing, or anti-drug. Covering things from the depression epidemic, corporatization of medicine and the collective.