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Psychedelics can shift how Western communities perceive wellness. This provocative bi-annual magazine speaks to the curious amongst us craving fresh perspective. Diving deep below the surface and layered with a realistic look at environmental justice, visual art, corporatization, and art, we can't get enough of them.

Issue Breakdown

  • Issue No 6 dives into its third anniversary, concentrating on the tension between new and old. Revisiting the untold chronology of psychedelics in Africa and the paramount role of women in the psychedelic revolution of the 1960s. Whether you’ve been following DoubleBlind from its inception, this content will shift perspectives and push the culture forward. 
  • Issue No 5 explores not only what it means to do psychedelics but what it means to live psychedelically. Who are we in our most profound moments of clarity? And what does it mean to put those realizations into action? From Sasha Shulgin's the MDMA godfathers legacy to what happens when psychedelics throw us into spiritual crisis and what curandera Maria Sabina's life teaches us. 
  • Issue No 4 features an homage to the Amazonian artist Pablo Amaringo and the Huichols, an indigenous people of Mexico who have preserved their land and tradition of collective peyote for generations. Another favorite segment on psychedelics being fully legalized in the next decade and what that could mean for us. Unfurl with a deep dive into honest conversations exploring the possibilities for our future with leading psychedelic development companies.
  • Issue No 2 highlights how decriminalizing psychedelics and growing your own is the best way to combat commercialization. Plus some fantastic articles the beauty of femme friendships spanning generations, and even how Ayahuasca is being used as a conflict resolution tool; it's all here, and we are obsessed.


Meet The Maker: Double-blind is a provocative digital media company and biannual print magazine that covers stories about psychedelics and how it is intertwined with mental health and environmental justice. Listening to the indigenous communities that use and preserve these traditions, and shedding light on the people in our society who need it most but may not have access. They are here to speak to curious and craving fresh perspectives, not the veteran tripper or evangelizing, or anti-drug. Covering things from the depression epidemic, corporatization of medicine and the collective.

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