Celebrating the Power of Plants for Conscious Living ~
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Celebrating the Power of Plants for Conscious Living

Fat Belly Weightloss Tonic

 Anima Mundi has composed this formula to support a sustainable method of weight loss. These herbs help the body digest stagnant fat in the liver, as well as from tissue. It has a highly anti-inflammatory makeup, as well as powerfully detoxifying to the liver. The power and miraculous aspect about these herbs is that it strips the body from impurities, as well as unlocking the power of the liver. The liver & gall bladder, if kept in balance, will naturally detox the body on a daily basis. Lots of bad oils, and saturated fats are hard to digest, therefore they accumulate in the liver and tissue. Having a few extra pounds, or having weight problems is primarily due to an inability to digest the oils that the person is consuming ongoingly. Unblock the liver from over accumulation of moisture, inflammation, and stagnantion and enjoy the true power of your digestion!

Mangosteen Hibiscus Superfood Powder

Both Mangosteen and Hibiscus have been used since ancient times as essential staple superfoods. The mangosteen fruit + the rind and the flower have been incorporated into meals and drank as a medicinal tea to treat a wide variety of imbalances, as well as for general body maintenance. Both are exquisite, known to contain a mega-load of minerals and phytonutrients known to prevent cancer, kidney problems and viral diseases. They are known to be Vitamin C powerhouse, with a profound ability to purify and nourish the blood, cleanse and nourish the skin, while enhancing enzymatic functional and overall digestive balance.

Urban Moonshine's Organic Bitters

Cultures around the world have long believed that bitter flavors are essential to good health because they stimulate the digestive system. Thus began the tradition of steeping bitter-tasting roots, leaves, berries and fruits in alcohol and serving the mixture before or after a meal. Whether brewed according to secret recipes by medieval monks or concocted according to oral tradition by wise women, the first bitters had medicinal purposes. Now, whether you enjoy them as an apertif, digestif, or as a remedy to settle an upset stomach, calm a hangover or gently cleanse the liver, bitters are back!

House of Intuition Gratitude Ritual Candle

These Ritual Candles are crafted with love and intention. They come lightly scented and dressed with crystals inside, and made with all-natural, sustainably harvested palm wax. This candle will assist in releasing fear, instill trust that the universe supports us, instills faith, trust and belief in all things.

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