Celebrating the Power of Plants for Conscious Living ~
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Celebrating the Power of Plants for Conscious Living
This year August and September are months of intense astronomical influence, including a lunar eclipse, a special solar eclipse and mercury retrograde all in the same period. According to astrologists, we may feel especially challenged physically and emotionally in how we experience and manage our daily lives.
With this cosmic influence that may last till the end of the year, you may find yourself needing some extra support. Our herbalists have selected botanical products specifically tailored to the each astrological sign to help give you the herbal assistance you need during this time. Receive a 20% SAVINGS on all Cosmic Shift product selections!

ARIES: Prash Tonic Ambrosia--- for Nourishment and Sensuality

This is a delightful super health-filled ambrosia for the senses! Prash is inspired by the Ayurvedic formula for Charywanprash and includes a sticky, stunning blend of tonic herbs, extracts, organic grass-fed biodynamic Ghee and our local Cold-Packed & Raw Wildflower Honey (harvested in the Santa Barbara Mountains). The Honey and Ghee serve as an excellent vehicle to carry the nutrients of the herbs deep into the body. 

TAURUS: Sacred Space Spray--- for Cleaning and Centering at Home

This spirit-calling mist is formulated with some of the most sacred plants in the world. Locally wildcrafted desert sage extract, white sage, palo santo, holy basil, white fir, and specific flower essences are swirling together in this little bottle, to help us to commune with Spirit and release all that is not needed.

GEMINI: Know Yourself Cards---for Inner and Outer Communication

It's hard to understand who we really are: what we want, how we feel and why we react as we do. No wonder Socrates summed up all the counsel of philosophy in just two words: 'Know Yourself'. These cards are designed to assist us in a journey of self-knowledge; they present us with a range of ideas and questions that can help us to understand ourselves better.

CANCER: Cerebrum Brain Tonic---for Focus and Clarity    

This tonic unites powerful herbs which enhance your brain function. It brings circulation to the mind, enhances clarity, and promotes hypothalamic and pituitary function. Great for overthinkers, or anyone whose cerebrum has seen better days. 

LEO: Kauai Cleanse Superfood Tea ----for a Clean Slate

This blend was designed to give you a deep internal cleansing, in a way that is gentle enough for everyday use! This superfood blend specifically targets your digestive GI track; responsible for 90% of your immune system, these botanicals boost, detoxify, and cleanse. This formula helps your daily detoxifying organs increase in optimal function.

VIRGO: Grounding Flower and Gem Tincture----for Grounding

This vibrational remedy by Sister Spinster Apothecary was made to protect our energies from technological chaos, which can overwhelm our spirits and leave us feeling disconnected from our bodies and the Earth. Yarrow essence creates an energetic shield from unwanted energies.  Essence of Chaparral allows us to cleanse psychic toxicity from our bodies, especially through dream work.

LIBRA: Joy Juice Energy Mist---for Uplift and Celebration   

Joy Juice Energy Mist is an aromatherapeutic experience that banishes feeling the weight of responsibilities, worry, overcomplicating things, repressing your inner child. It ushers in joy, laughter, euphoria, contentment, and simplicity.

SCORPIO: Abundance Candle---for Generating Abundance of All Sorts

These Ritual Candles are especially crafted with love and intention. The candles are lightly scented and dressed with crystals inside. Made with all-natural, sustainably harvested palm wax. 

SAGITTARIUS: Ashwagandha Powder---for Striking a New Balance

Ashwagandha is a vital herb in Ayurvedic Medicine  with a long history of therapeutic use and is sometimes referred to as "Indian Ginseng." This root may:

  • Tonify the immune system
  • Inspire Vigor and Strength
  • Increase the body's levels of Super Oxide Dismutase 
  • Harmonize Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Reduce the effects of mental, emotional, and physical stress

CAPRICORN: Rhodiola Powder---for Support and Strengthening

This is a wildcrafted sourced Taoist Herb and Tibetan Qi tonic that is rooted in ancient traditions and popular in the indigenous cultures where it is cultivated. It is considered a super brain oxygenator which is stimulating for brain function. It's intended benefits include mental clarity, creativity, stamina and has immune resistance support as well.

AQUARIUS: Joy Tonic---for Heart Opening

This tonic is a carefully formulated blend of aromatic herbs and flowers that help to support you through life’s transitions (big and small) with grace and ease. We know stress is inevitable, and rather than trying to stimulate our way through it, or sedate our way out of it, we do best when we relax, focus, and engage the stressor. Our Joy Tonic adjusts the level of tension in our nervous systems, internal organs, and blood vessels. Its volatile components can reawaken us when we feel sad, uninspired or withdrawn and relax us when we feel stressed, anxious, frazzled, and overwhelmed. 

PISCES: Lucid Dreaming Tea ---for Relaxing and Dreaming

Our Lucid Dreaming Tea has become one of our most popular herbal remedies because it is crafted with a delightful blend of calming and soothing herbs. The herbs are blended to help calm the nervous system and is ideal for use to relax after a stressful day, or before bedtime. The tea has a delicious taste and, with positive intentions, will hopefully help all of your dreams come true.

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