Clear The Way Tincture

69 Herbs

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Get the gentle and bright energy you need when you are feeling sluggish. This organic blend is excellent for focus, clarity and spiritual support. Use this glycerine based 100% alcohol-free tincture with intention.

Suggested Use:  3-15 drops up to 3 times a day under the tongue or in your beverage of choice.

Ingredients:  Glycerine, Gingko*, Mugwort*, Motherwort*, Reishi*, lemon Verbena* & raw honey*. (Organic*)

Meet the Maker:  69herbs is a small apothecary in Brooklyn specializing in making medicinal herbal products. Jade Marks (founder and owner) of 69 Herbs dreamt up her company with the needs of our communities in mind. Focusing on mental health, trans and queer health, accessibility, and design. They believe that herbalism is the people’s medicine and should be accessible, just, good for the land, and good for us.