Brain Lube with Lions Mane

Cognitive Function

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This coconut oil is infused with the mushroom powerhouse Cordyceps, and unlike other products, doesn't rely on additional enzymes for absorption. Brain Lube is formulated to sharpen cognitive health, and supports digestion, healthy weight loss, and boosts energy levels. The formulation combines a high-quality fat with the anti-inflammatory and exercise boosting properties of Cordyceps!

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 tablespoons to aid with digestion and fatigue. You can also add Brain Lube to your smoothie, coffee, tea, or cook with it at low heats.

Ingredients: US grown Cordyceps mushroom, Organic coconut oil.

Meet the Maker: Cassandra Posey is the founder of Cognitive Function LLC, a company focused on applications of medicinal fungi and plants to further holistic living through comprehensive research and development.