Nephrite Yoni Egg Jade

Bliss Yoni Eggs

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Yoni is an ancient Sanskrit term word which means "sacred space" or "holy temple" and refers to the feminine reproductive organs. The Yoni egg is used to promote health, longevity, and well being.

The Jade yoni egg can be used for all-day or all nightwear. Other crystals are generally recommended for a specific practice, but jade is a great crystal if you are looking for extended wear, as you meditate, do yoga, do work, clean the house, or sleep.  Jade is extremely durable and difficult to chip or break. It is naturally antimicrobial because it is nonporous.

 The nephrite jade is darkly colored almost blue/black hue. This variety may assist in grounding, protection, enhancing strength, warding off negative energies, and to remove self-imposed limitations. This variety may help you tap into your natural wisdom, making complex decisions with more discernment and ease. It can assist in allowing good fortune to flow naturally into your life.

Meet the Maker:  Based in San Diego, California, Bliss Yoni Eggs provide genuine GIA certified jade stones. No imitations or die products. Each egg is imbued with Reiki, love, and good vibes. They believe that a blissful yoni is a blissful person.

GIA Certified. Drilled. Medium Size.