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Baba Yaga Bitters

Woodspell Apothecary

    This beautiful blend embodies the enlightened wood witch Baba Yaga of Slavic folklore. With the help of the maternal motherwort, clarifying sage and rosemary this earthy and grounded blend stimulates digestion and enhance memory and focus. Celebrate the long history of this digestive remedy traced back to Egypt.

    Suggested Use: To stimulate digestion, take 1/4 teaspoon before meals. As a flavoring agent, try mixing 1/2 teaspoon with sparkling water + fruit + fresh herbs + ice, or experiment combining bitters in different cocktails. Do not take during pregnancy.

    Ingredients: Organic Cane Alcohol, Spring Water, Motherwort, Sage, Rosemary, Local Wildflower Honey.

    Meet the Maker: Woodspell Apothecaries intention is to show the abundant relationship in the forest between magic and productivity; healing and progression, and how they can tap into that to live a more sane and beautiful life. With a heavy emphasis on sustainability and an eco-friendly ethos, the love and embodiment of the Green Witch lives within them.