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The Alchemist's Kitchen

Season of the Witch Zine

Season of the Witch Zine

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The Alchemist's Kitchen has been inspired by a long history of Witches who despite persecution, were healers, talking to the animals and plants in the forest, carriers of wisdom, and storytellers for the community.

As representatives to our connection to nature, we are dedicated to demystifying, celebrating, and honoring the Witch and the divine feminine. 

Samhain is a time to observe the "thinning of the veil" between worlds and though this is a special and potent season, we invite you to take these rituals, reflections, and magic into the rest of your year.

This small release is a Zine in honor of those in our community who celebrate the power of plants via mystical and a magical connection to Mother Earth

We have a limited Quantity.

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