sacred plant microdosing for mind, body and spirit


What are SOUL DROPS?

SOUL DROPS are powerful herbal supplements made from sacred plants to promote holistic wellness created by renowned shaman and biochemist, Fabian Piorkowsky, SOUL DROPS use an ancient spagyric process to offer all-natural, legal, safe microdosing.

Are they natural/organic?

Yes. SOUL DROPS are all-natural, organic, GMO-free, vegan, nut, and soy-free.

How are the products made?
What is the chemical process for creating spagyrics?

What makes SOUL DROPS special is the spagyric process that maximizes the healing power of the plant. This ancient alchemical process involves separation, purification and recombination to create a stronger solution than homeopathy, simple dilutions and tinctures. This essence contains the whole plant with all the minerals, salts, essential oils and traditional healing proper ties.

What are the ingredients?

SOUL DROPS are made from proprietary blends of traditional healing plants that have been used around the world for thousands of years. These are sacred plants such as Ayahuasca used by curanderos, healers, shamans and spiritual guides in South America, Africa, India and else where to help people achieve energetic balance.

Name Ingredients Meaning Supports
SOL Cactus, proprietary blend Sun energy, emotional uplift
LUN Vitis, proprietary blend Moon relaxing, physical healing, sleep
COSMOS Radix, proprietary blend Stars creativity, lucid dreaming
MIND Nootropic, Ayurvedic Herbs Awareness focus, clarity, memory, calm

Can SOUL DROPS be used to treat diseases and serious health conditions?

SOUL DROPS are dietary supplements that support overall wellness. Metaphyta’s products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These products offer an opportunity for you to work with sacred plant tools that empower you to heal yourself if you bring the right intention and energy to the work. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Dr ug Administration.

Are SOUL DROPS safe?

SOUL DROPS have been tested for the past 5 years. There are no known negative side effects. The es -sences do not inter fere with any other treatments or medications.

Will I hallucinate or have visions?

SOUL DROPS do not have any psychedelic or visionary properties.

The full-strength formula didn’t have much effect on me during ceremony. Will sacred plant microdosing work for me?

Some people who take full doses during ceremony do not have visions or consciously feel the effects due to ego resistance. Low-dose spagyric microdosing has more subtle, sub-perceptual effects. This can make them more effective for people with ego resistance.

What are the effects? Will I purge? Will I be able to function at work?

Soul Drops are not psychoactive. They will not induce purging nor will they cause visions. The effects are intended to be barely perceptible with a general feeling of wellness and balance most repor ted by users. However, people who are particularly sensitive have repor ted a strong increase in energy (SOL, MIND) and tiredness or spaciness (LUN, COSMOS). It is recommended that you try them first on a day you have nothing else planned.

Who are they for?

SOUL DROPS are for people who want to:

  • improve their health
  • maximize their performance
  • work with a natural, legal, safe microdosing option
  • heal, integrate and balance their mind, body and spirit
  • work with sacred plants at home between ceremonies as part of their ongoing integration and practice
  • work with sacred plants but can’t attend ceremonies due to medication, drug addiction, illness, frailty, schedule, fear, cost
  • reduce their use of synthetic drugs
  • start with a low dose essence before attending ceremony
  • help loved ones who aren’t able to attend ceremony

Can I take them if I am a recovering addict?
Are they addictive? Will they help me with addiction?

SOUL DROPS can be taken by those who are healing from dr ug addiction. SOUL DROPS are not addictive and can support mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery.

Can they be given to pets?

SOUL DROPS can be used for pets. We recommend starting with a smaller dose of one-third dropper-ful in water.

Who should not work with SOUL DROPS?

We do not recommend SOUL DROPS for pregnant or nursing women and people who are experiencing severe psychological distress (e.g. dissociation from reality, psychosis, schizophrenia).

Which ones should I take?

We recommend that clients work with all three sacred plants—SOL, LUN, and COSMOS—on a daily basis to achieve balanced, optimum wellness. In addition, we recommend MIND for those who are looking to increase focus, concentration and memory.

Where is the product manufactured?

SOUL DROPS are hand-made with loving energy in small batches in Southern California.

What is the recommended dosage?

The recommended dosage is 1 dropper ful of SOL in the morning for calm energy, LUN in the afternoon to peacefully relax, and COSMOS before bed to enhance insightful dreaming. MIND can be taken throughout the day for focus and concentration

How should I take it?

The recommended amount is 1 dropper ful in a glass of water or directly under the tongue for increased effect.

What should I do if the dosage is too strong or too weak?

Adjust the dosage to half a dropper ful if too strong or try eating before the drops. If you feel effect is too weak try taking them on an empty stomach. We also recommend setting an intention to enhance your work with the plants. The master plants give you what you need but not always what you want. A good way to track the effects and gain wisdom from working with the plants is to keep a journal.

How often should I take them?

We recommend taking SOUL DROPS on a daily basis. Unlike other types of microdosing, you do not need to skip a day.

Can I take them if I’m on medication, other herbal supplements or vitamins?

SOUL DROPS do not have any known counter-action with other medications, supplements or vitamins. Spagyrics are specially formulated to have a gentle effect.

Can I take them if I drink alcohol?

SOUL DROPS do not have any known counter-action with alcohol. However, you may find that the drops reduce your desire for alcohol.

Can I take them if I drink coffee?

SOUL DROPS do not have any known counter-action with coffee. However, you may find that the drops reduce your desire for caffeine.

Can I take them with me when I travel?

You can travel with COSMOS, SOL, LUN and MIND within the United States.

Will they show up on a drug test?

SOL, LUN, COSMOS and MIND all contain legal plants.

Where can I provide feedback about the product?

We love to get feedback. You can share with us at

Where can I find out more about spagyric microdosing?

You can hear Fabian discussing sacred plant microdosing here:

Where can I find more information about spagyrics?

You can find more information online. Here are some explanations:

Where can I find more information about Fabian and the company behind SOUL DROPS?

For more information visit