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Oregano Essential Oil

Living Libations

This powerful Oregano oil stimulates the appetite and elevates your mood. Senses are awakened and taste buds tingle from the scent of oregano.

High in antioxidants, Oregano Essential Oil is also a well known antibiotic. It is helpful in healing wounds, fighting fungal infections, reducing inflammation and relieving pain. It also may be used as an insect repellent.

Here at The Alchemist's Kitchen, our dedication is to present essential oils of the highest quality for medicinal purposes intended to optimize mind, body, and spirit.


Suggested Use:  Always dilute to use on skin, in body balms, and in baths. 1 drop of Oregano Oil per teaspoon of carrier oil (Jojoba or Coconut Oil). For a potent concentrate, dilute 3-5% in another essential oil like frankincense, lavender, or tea tree. It is great for diffusers and salt pipe. Also dilute to 3-5% in olive oil for oral consumption. 

Contraindications: Long term external and internal use of this product is not recommended and may be harmful. It is best to use for short durations as need.

Ingredients: 100% Origanum Vulgare, Lab Certified.

Source: Turkey 

Meet the Maker: Meet the Maker:  Living Libations' creators are Nadine Artemis and Ron Obadia based in Ontario, Canada. Their organic products are formulated to nourish your skin and build a sense of wellbeing. All their essential oils are organic and undergo third party laboratory testing. 

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