Yarrow & Black Tourmaline Essence

Chiron's Apothecary

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Yarrow and black tourmaline come together in essence to help us maintain healthy boundaries. Yarrow - known as the plant of Chiron, or the wounded healer - is especially helpful for those who are extra sensitive to their environment or to the energies of others. Black tourmaline is a fundamental ally for energetic boundaries. A protector from negativity in any form, black tourmaline helps to ground energy back into the earth. Combined with yarrow, this pair helps to realign you with your own unique path while grounding back in the body. A wonderful ally to have while traveling or being in cities, working one-on-one with others, returning to the body after shock or trauma, and/or for overall energetic boundaries. This pair is for the wounded healer in all of us.

Suggested Use: 1-5 drops on the tongue or in water, up to 10 times daily. 

Ingredients: Essences of yarrow flowers and black tourmaline, filtered water, brandy.

Meet the Maker: Founder of Chiron’s Apothecary, Mamie Wartelle weaves her years of experience and training in clinical herbalism, Ayurveda, astrology, yoga, alchemy, and nutrition into a practical approach of health and healing that’s accessible to all.

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