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 Soul Drops are crafted in small batches by Vlada Talan, using an ancient spagyric process, The collection consists of sacred plant tinctures intended for use to achieve balance in mind, body, and spirit. Each tincture is formulated for a specific intention, ranging from energy activation, creative stimulation, brain clarity, and the integration of the intentions and benefits desired.

Cosmos:  Extra

Cosmos is considered the “dream healer” and helps to enhance lucid dreaming and intuition. Cosmos works through integrating the dream realm into our everyday spiritual growth and experiences. Cosmos assists with the opening of the temples and the third eye, intended to enhance creativity and intuition.

What are Spagyrics?

Spagyric medicine actually predates homeopathy by about two centuries. The former was first coined by the 16th century Renaissance visionary, Paracelsus, who abided by Hippocrates’ dictum, “like cures like,” as well as old-world herbal knowledge from China, Tibet, and India. Paracelsus espoused the principles of alchemy to work with medicine, dividing a plant into three basic parts:

  • Mercury: The water element in which the essence of the plant is carried.
  • Salt: The earth element, and the calcined ashes of the plant.
  • Suphur: The fire element and the essential oil of the plant.

The Process:

Alcohol Extraction

Extraction of the plant is done via organic grape alcohol in a soxhlet extractor for fast, high potency tinctures (all distillations are done under vacuum so none of the heat sensitive components of the plant are destroyed). A jar and 40 day maceration can also be done instead of the soxhlet method. 

Here the alcohol will dissolve the essential oils of the plant along with the alcohol soluble chemicals. Alcohol is the only solvent which extracts the plant's chemicals at the same ratios contained in the plant. Alcohol is also strictly produced from plants themselves. It is a solvent made by plants for plants

Mineral Extraction

The tincture is poured off and saved in a dark place. The leftover extracted plant material is then burned, and calcined to extract the minerals contained within. Once the herb is burned to a white ash, the mineral salts will now readily dissolve in water. The ash is then mixed with distilled water to dissolve the minerals. The water is filtered and slowly evaporated to crystallize the mineral salts.


The white salts are gathered and recombined with the tincture of the plant that was made prior. This completes the spagyric process. The tincture now contains all the acids, oils and minerals the plant originally had but now in a more potent and purified form. In this way, the energetics and the chemical aspects of the plant are maintained to the fullest extent. 


Highly concentrated for microdosing. Begin with 3 to 4 drops under the tongue.


 15 ml






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What are Spagyrics?
Spagyrics are a form of alchemical solution that capture and merge the mind, body and spirit of the plants. This plant essence contains the minerals, salts, essential oils and the traditional medicinal properties. Sacred plant spagyrics work powerfully on the subtle energy body as well as the somatic physical level to offer potent, holistic healing. Because of their strength, spagyrics are taken in microdose form, meaning only one to three drops are needed to receive the full healing benefits.
Recommended Use
1 dropperful before bed
*3 drops of old formula is equivalent to 1 dropperful in concentration of new formula
About The Maker
Fabian Piorkowsky uses ancient healing modalities and sacred plant medicine in a modern and integrated approach to provide life changing experiences, healing and transformation beyond what each of those modalities and techniques are capable of on their own. He follows a multidisciplinary approach to get a more holistic understanding of healing, having studied chemistry and physics, as well as various systems of spiritual philosophy such as the Vedas, Kabbalah, Buddhism and several indigenous and shamanic traditions.


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