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Allergy Assist Tincture

Made by Wooden Spoon Herbs

The spring and summer seasons are immediate reminders that pollen sets in and allergic outbreaks are on full alert. This remarkable tincture features the herbs of Goldenrod, Nettles, and Elderflower.

You will find immediate support for relief of sinus discomfort, and serve as a natural antihistamine. Elderflower has been used for generations to support a healthy immune response.

Take once or twice daily, long-term, for best results, beginning months prior to allergy season. 

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New York-grown goldenrod, Oregon nettle, organic elderflower, Georgia-wildcrafted elderberry, sustainably wildcrafted reishi, certified non-gmo cane alcohol, spring water

Invitation for Use

Take 10-30 drops daily over an extended period of time.


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