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Serpent Fire Tarot Cards

Devany Wolfe

Allow these carefully crafted cards to lead you on a vision quest deep into the heart of majestic archetypes.The artwork lends itself to traditional tarot symbolism, but it is also a new interpretation of the cards. This makes the deck great for beginners and seasoned collectors alike.

Full 78 card tarot deck featuring collage artwork by Devany Wolfe. Standard 2.75 x 4.75 card size.Cards are edged in lustrous gold. Deck is accompanied by a comprehensive card meanings + readings booklet written by the artist. 

Both deck and booklet come inside of a beautiful, durable two piece lift box.

Meet the Maker: Founded in 2011 by Devany Amber Wolfe, Serpentfire is an art + design company currently based in Toronto, Ontario.

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