Sacred Space (Palo Santo + White Sage)


This spirit-calling mist is formulated with some of the most sacred plants in the world. Locally wildcrafted desert sage extract, white sage, palo santo, holy basil, white fir, and specific flower essences are swirling together in this little bottle, to help us to commune with Spirit and release all that is not needed.

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Use to clear the air, invite fresh energy, ground yourself in the earth, and find sacredness in everything.... Handcrafted by Plantfolk in Taos, New Mexico.
About Plantfolk Apothecary
All of Plantfolk's botanical creations are crafted in mindfulness and gratitude from the purest ingredients available, using a variety of sustainably, ethically, organically, and locally-sourced herbs oils, waxes, essential oils, clays, botanical extracts, and hydrosols. They grow many of their own organic herbs in their gardens in the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and distill their own plant and floral waters using an artisanal copper still. All botanical remedies are handcrafted in small batches to ensure utmost quality and care goes into each and every product. 


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