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Essential Oil Number 5. Power

Manex Ibar

This is the fifth in a collection of 9 high-vibrational botanical remedies to optimize mind, body, and spirit. A full spectrum of powerful vibrational oils utilizing the olfactory system and skin to manage emotional balance. You can begin working with these oils by identifying with a point of focus, a color, or a number. 

Each oil is made from a mix of multi-botanical compounds influenced and connected to the 9 chakra points located within the body's anatomy. 

The Collection: For the first time, there is a collection of botanical oils designed and formulated to balance the entire human life energetic system.  There has never been oil synergies that are so pure and precise in helping you open and balance your vital energy centers.  9 pure organic essential oil synergies (a mix of different oils), naturally handcrafted with medical grade oils created to balance the vital energy centers that influence our endocrine, hormonal, and psycho-emotional-spiritual energy.

About the Maker: Manex Ibar, a well recognized shaman, and teacher of Human Design, is the creator of these plant-based botanical oils which bridge the indigenous with science for personal health and well being. The Company is guided by its core mission: Botany, Alchemy, and Frequency.

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