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Organic Gentle & Protective Smokes

Made by Brown Bear Herbs

This smoking blend promotes a quiet, soothed spirit and has a lovely smell as it burns. This is typically a solitary smoke and restorative for when you are feeling overwhelmed by other people's energy or your own stress.

Suggested Use: Light and smoke. 

Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Mullein, and Lavender.

Each pack contains 12 smokes. The filter is high flow and made from cellulose (wood fiber). The papers are a mix of flax and hemp fibers. 

Meet the Maker: Brown Bear Herbs is the creation of herbalist Arati Ursus. She has degrees in art, math, and is a Registered Nurse who is motivated to help people feel empowered and regain control of their health and lives by conquering addictions and improving health. 

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Each blend contains herbs to protect your lungs. The cigarettes are rolled in hemp paper, with hemp crutches. All herbs are organic or wildcrafted. 10 per pack. Hand rolled with natural/sustainable papers. Special message in the crutch...unwrap the color coded bear after smoking.  Handcrafted with love in Portland.


Clear Mind
The lightest of the smoking blends. Clear Mind has a hint of mint that is felt more than tasted. Cooling and calming to the emotions, the herbs in this blend have historically been used to still the mind.
Organic Ingredients: Gotu Kola, Spearmint, Linden, and Mullein
Gentle and Protective
This blend seems to have a soothing effect on the spirit or energy body. It can be a helpful alternative to traditional smokes for people who use tobacco for its energetically protective properties. A smoking blend to promote a quiet, soothed spirit. It has a lovely smell as it burns.
Organic Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Mullein, and Lavender.


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