Wild Rose & Rose Quartz Earth Essence

Chiron's Apothecary

Rose Quartz is thought to be the most important crystal ally for healing the heart. A symbol of love and beauty, trust and receptivity, partnership and self love, acceptance and forgiveness. Together with wild rose, this duo is here to serve: to mend the hearts of the brokenhearted in times of grief or sorrow; to help those who are just a little 'hard around the edges' feel safe enough to soften; to bring balance of the feminine to those who are stuck in the masculine; to embody the feelings of self love for those who struggle to know what that looks like; to help bring balance and open heartedness to relationships. 

Suggested Use: 1-5 drops on the tongue or in water up to 10x a day. 

Ingredients: Essences of wild rose flowers and rose quartz, filtered water, and brandy.

Meet the Maker: Founder of Chiron’s Apothecary, Mamie Wartelle weaves her years of experience and training in clinical herbalism, Ayurveda, astrology, yoga, alchemy, and nutrition into a practical approach of health and healing that’s accessible to all.

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