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Period Pain Tincture

Made by De Lune

De Lune's period pain tincture replenishes your body with nutrients lost during menstruation while delivering anti-inflammatory herbs, some of which have been shown to be as powerful conventional painkillers. 

A single bottle will last for 1 to 2 cycles depending on the severity of your symptoms.

Suggested Use: Add 5 mL (about 6 full droppers) into a cup of water or your favorite hot tea. Take once daily at the start of your period or one day before if possible.

Ingredients: Magnesium, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Iron, Zinc, Iodine, Motherwort, Dong Quai, Cramp Bark, Calendula Flowers, Ginger, Fenugreek Seeds, Apple Cider Vinegar.

Meet the Maker: De Lune was started in 2015 with a simple goal: Provide much-needed relief to the millions of people who experience period pain. They work with doctors, dietitians, herbalists, researchers, and menstruating people all across the world in order to distill this collective knowledge into a powerful product that really works.

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Menstruation is exhausting for your body. The De Lune tonic was created to replenish your body as it sheds the uterine lining. De Lune is packed with calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B6 and selenium. These powerful components have the ability to reduce period pain by easing the contractions of the uterine muscles, minimizing blood clots, and restoring essential nutrients.
Recommended Use
For best results, we recommend enjoying 1-2 bottles of De Lune per day for the first 2-3 days of your period.


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