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Sun Potion Ashwagandha Ayurvedic Antioxidant

Made by Sun Potion

Ashwagandha is a vital herb in Ayurvedic Medicine with a long history of therapeutic use and is sometimes referred to as "Indian Ginseng."

The plant contains a full spectrum of healing properties in its roots, flowers, leaves, and fruit and it flourishes in dry regions in India, northern Africa, and the Middle East (though some farmers have had recent success cultivating it in the US).

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Our friends at Sun Potion source from small organic farms in Northern India and offer an organic cold-water extract of the Ashwagandha Root, which is reputed to be the most potent part of the plant and may:
- Tonify the immune system
- Inspire Vigor and Strength
- Increase the body's levels of Super Oxide Dismutase
- Harmonize Mind, Body, and Spirit
- Reduce the effects of mental, emotional, and physical stress
Recommended Use
Add 1/2 Teaspoon (2 grams) to warm water or tea. An excellent addition to milk potions, elixirs, smoothies, raw chocolate, busy schedules and more!
Contains 55 Servings. 
About The Maker
Owner and Founder Scott Linde is a friend of Evolver, and was motivated to start his company through his own transformational experience with super foods and herbs. With a background in Rolfing (Structural Integration,) he began to notice profound shifts in his own body and consciousness with the addition of medicinal plants, tonic herbs and superfoods to his diet. Sun Potion prides itself on sourcing the planet for potent, healing substances with the ability to transform consciousness and health. They work with suppliers who meet stringent quality standards and commitment to purity.  They only source Organic and/or Wildcrafted products and  never use ingredients that have been chemically treated in any way. Sun Potion products are created and shared with integrity.


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