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CURED Nutrition CBD

CURED Nutrition

Cured Nutrition Rise Caps

CURED Nutrition

CURED Nutrition CBD-infused products are formulated to enhance your life, whether you need more energy, relief from pain, or enhanced sleep. Cured Nutrition was inspired by founder Joseph Sheehey - a former NASA-contributing aerospace engineer - when he awoke to a lifelong struggle with depression.

Cured Nutrition

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What is Cured Nutrition?

Cured Nutrition is a movement that believes by sharing the truth of human experience, we can all learn to heal.

Why is Cured Nutrition Good for You?

Nootropics are developed to improve cognitive function, and Cured Nutrition products are formulated with soothing ingredients intended to be an aid for restful sleep and herbs beneficial to longevity and cerebrum health. This night-time formula may become a companion for you daily effort to rest the mind, body and spirit.

Where To Buy Cured Nutrition?

Cured Nutrition offerings can be found on The Alchemist’s Kitchen’s website, or at any of their retail locations.

Does Cured Nutrition Get You High?

Cured Nutrition may aid in relaxation, but has no psychoactive effects.