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CBD For Pets

CBD for Pets
Our pets do so much for us. They can be our closest companions, accompanying us through moves to new cities, new partners, joy, and grief. How can we repay our beloved animals? CBD isn’t just for humans! Many household animals can benefit from its healing properties. CBD and pet hemp oil can be especially useful for treating your pet’s anxiety. In humans, stress might cause us to bite our nails, pace around, shake, or talk incessantly. In animals, anxiety can cause similar repetitive behavior, such as persistent barking, chewing (furniture, shoes, rubbish, etc), urinating and defecating (usually inside the house or crate), aggression, and tremors. CBD can help address and soothe these behaviors.


Why Should I Give My Pet CBD?

CBD can be a wonderful supplement for animals with anxiety, seizures, chronic pain, or aggression. It can also improve cardiovascular health, cholesterol control, liver health, and hair growth.

How Much CBD Should I Give My Pet?

A common question veterinarians receive is: how much CBD oil should I give my pet? CBD dosage varies depending on the size and weight of your furry friend, and often requires a bit of trial and error. It’s best to start with a low dose, and see how your pet reacts. CBD can be administered in either a treat or an oil.

Is It Safe to Give My Pet CBD?

When administering CBD, be sure to check the weight guidance on the product’s package. All animals are different and it may take some adjusting to find your furry friend’s perfect dose. Be sure to never give raw, unprocessed cannabis to your pet, which is highly toxic. It’s best to start with a low dose, and see how your pet reacts. Keep CBD treats locked away to be sure your pet receives proper dosage (a dog that finds a stash of CBD treats will probably eat more than they should).

Will CBD Make My Pet Feel High?

Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive properties. Your pet will not feel high. That being said, all animals react differently to CBD.

Which Product is Right for My Pet?

When choosing a product, think of how best your pet might take CBD. Many prefer treats, but some prefer hemp oil straight into their food or mouth. Most packages have dosing guidelines for bigger and smaller animals, so be sure to adhere to these suggestions.

How is Pet CBD Different than CBD for People?

Essentially, Pet CBD is no different than CBD for people, but products cannot be labeled for humans and pets to use (according to the FDA). Many products for humans are highly concentrated, which could be too large a dose for small pets.

Can Humans Take Pet CBD Oil?

It’s best for humans to consume the many wonderful offerings made for their specific systems, instead of products for animals.