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CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules

Consuming CBD as a capsule is perhaps the slowest acting form, however, faster is not always better! Capsules come pre-portioned and marked with exact dosage, so they’re easy to monitor and consume. They’re best for providing relief for: insomnia, general long term pain, and digestive ailments. When consuming CBD via capsules or edibles, it is more slowly released through-out the body but its effects can be felt for at least 4 and up to 12 hours.

What are CBD Capsules?

Plant Alchemy offers gel capsules at 25 mg per cap in two sizes, either 12 capsules per bottle or 30 capsules per bottle.

The 12 capsule size is wonderful for adding CBD to your routine and testing how capsules work for you; whereas 30 pills will last for around a month, depending on your symptoms.

The Alchemist’s Kitchen also carries Wildflower gel capsules, which are a slightly higher dosage (30 mg per cap). In addition to being vegan, Wildflower gel capsules are great for evening use.  

Why Gel Capsules are Perfect for CBD

One popular way of taking CBD is through a gel capsule once or twice a day. For controlled dosage, CBD capsules are perfect for slow release of the effects of CBD. They can also be an easy way to consume CBD without having to measure drops as you do with tinctures.

CBD capsules stay in the body’s system longer than a tincture, which means effects often last longer. They’re easy to travel with, easy to take with your dose of daily vitamins, and are filled with MCT oil (derived with coconut) to help with absorption.

Commonly Reported CBD Capsules Effects

CBD gel capsules have emerged as a popular natural choice among consumer for chronic pain, anxiety disorders, inflammation, and arthritis.

Because gel capsules release CBD slowly, they are often used for managing longer term issues like sleep quality, aches, and soreness.

Capsules are also commonly used for digestive issues and menstrual cramps, as they pass through the body’s digestive system instead of going directly to the bloodstream.

For those who dislike the taste of sublingual oil and are experiencing nausea, capsules present a good alternative to tinctures.

How Quickly Do You Feel CBD Capsules Effects?

When taking a CBD gel capsule, it may take up to two hours to feel the effects, as it takes longer for your body to process a capsule as opposed to a vaporizer or sublingual oil, which is immediately inhaled into the lungs or dissolved into the bloodstream.

The good news about this longer wait time is that it also takes longer for CBD in gel capsule form to exit your body, which means that you will feel the effects for much longer.