Holy Smokes Inka Pinka Tube

Moon Minded Medicine

This blend has a flowery, chocolatey scent and a touch of sweetness towards the end. With incayuyo at its base, this blend tends to the heart and mind, while uplifting the spirit. 

Incayuyo (een-ka-shu-sho) is a small, shrub-like plant native to the northern region of Argentina. Its name translates to “herb of the Inca” as it is known to have been used by the Inca peoples as a digestive tea and inhaled to aid lung ailments. It is sourced from a small family in the Cordoba province of Argentina, where they wild-craft it from their local mountains and air-dry it in their adobe home.

Suggested Use: As a sacred smudge stick, to wean off smoking tobacco, and for sending prayers on the wind

Ingredients: Incayuyo, Pink Rose, German Chamomile, Linden Leaf & Flower.

One tube contains seven hand rolled smokes, rolled with rice paper and sealed with sugar gum and biodegradable cotton filters

Meet the Maker: Moon Minded Medicine was created by herbalist, Siena Pérez del Campo & her partner & creative entrepreneur, Gabriel Vicente. Driven by her lifelong love of plants & people & the stories that connect them, Siena founded this small herbal products business with the hope that her products would do just that.

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