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Sacred Sage: How It Heals

WolfWalker Collection

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Sacred Sage was written to honor the spirit of the sagebrush which was introduced to me during my first walkabout in August 1988. It took me to Taos, New Mexico and into the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) Mountains. There I found myself harvesting sage as if I knew what I was doing and why! That strange yet wonderful feeling of deja vu crept over me each and every time I cut a sprig of sage. A best selling booklet that describes the use of sage for physical, mental, and spiritual healing directly from the author.

The Art of Smudging:

Smudging is the common name given to the indigenous American tradition known as the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing. This is a powerful spiritual cleansing technique which calls upon the spirits of various sacred plants to drive away negative energy and to restore balance to an individual, a group, a space, or all three. When people speak of smudging, they usually are referring to burning sage to purify their homes and themselves. Make sure the smoke permeates the body when you smudge with your hands, feather, or fan. When smudging yourself, a group or space, offer the smoke to the four directions first, beginning in the East – calling the blessings and protection in.

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