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Major Arcana Candles - Set of Three

House of Intuition

This set of long-burning candles were designed to call in the archetypal energy of their Major Arcana Tarot Guides. Intended to support you through transitions in your life's path. Meditate on the wisdom they hold for you and visualize your intentions becoming crystallized as you contemplate the lovely aura of the flame. 

Meet The Empress, The High Priestess, The Wheel of Fortune

Suggested Use: Light with intention. For maximum magical results, do not blow the candle out - SNUFF IT OUT. For safety be careful when handling candle while burning, the glass can be hot to the touch. Keep away from reach of children and pets.

Ingredients: Candles are lightly scented and dressed with crystals inside. Made with 100% all-natural and sustainable palm wax.

Meet the Maker: In 2010, Marlene Vargas and Alex Naranjo began their candle workshop. They dreamt about creating a space that could provide tools to empower others.

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