How to Unleash Your Inner Goddess Using Herbs

by Sabrina Vedete March 05, 2018

How to Unleash Your Inner Goddess Using Herbs

Before the dawn of Father Time, the Goddess ruled planet earth.  

We have always held the knowledge within us that there is an energy far greater than the Self. Many of us, over the thousands of years of our developing existence, have quested, pondered and experimented, spending lifetimes figuring out where we fit in and our individual purpose in the web of life. Over this time, we as a human people paid homage to the Goddess. It is only with the rise of Patriarchal Religion that the vision of a masculine eternal rulership took form in the minds of people.

Today, we have experienced the long term effects of a world ruled by masculine energy. There is no blame here. Our male brothers were born with the imprint in their DNA to protect and provide. Just as our female sisters were born with the imprint to nourish and create life. We have been out of this balance for a long time. In this exquisite moment in time, there is a movement of wombyn, and men who support wombyn, that is rising to unite in a vision where we regain the balance between our two potent masculine/feminine energies, so that we may thrive together as one whole, healed society. 

How can we support this rising wombyn movement from our little corner of the planet? How can we become present to this energetic phenomenon and access the spirit of the goddess archetypes? How do we meet our sisters in sacred space to form sisterhood and relinquish jealousy, anger and resentment? How do we let go of what does not serve to plant the dream seeds for our highest desires to manifest into real time? 

Invoke the Goddess Within by Honoring her Goddess Archetype

Throughout the course of our personal evolution from a girl into a wombyn, we may have been drawn to the energy of a role model, teacher, friend, performer, character in a novel or a movie. These archetypes represent a desire to cultivate a specific energy and express ourselves in a certain way that appeals to our individual spirit.

Below are 6 Goddess archetype energies from all over the world for you to tap into and experience their magical offerings and ways they can support our feminine spirit rising. Feel whose mission resonates deeply with you, then practice invoking her with your prayers, intentions and the herbs and essential oils her followers used to honor her presence.


Isis of Egypt

The Great Mother of All There Is. Isis is the patron of unconditional love, fertility, affection and all living creatures of the natural world. She is the goddess of motherhood, magic and medicine. Many believe she was the role model for the Virgin Mother Mary.

Herbal Invocation for Isis

Blue Lotus - Obtaining the pure flower essence of this elusive and rare flower will be a journey unto itself. The Priesthood of ancient Egypt used blue lotus for over 3000 years as a spiritual sacrament as well as for its medicinal properties. This divine essence will open the third eye and bring waves of tranquility and euphoria to your subtile body. This sacred flower will expand your state of consciousness and awareness. Use her in meditation and in your magic invocations.

Frankincense - Burn this incense while dreamscaping in your journal under the new or full moon. She supports our visions coming into real time, connects our spirit to Nature and helps us overcome stress and fear of the future. She reminds us to take one day at a time and to place our trust in the higher realms. Remember, we are provided for and taken care of. Inhale, exhale, repeat.

Myrrh - In her natural state she is a gummy resin from a tree. As an essential oil she is a powerful tool to unlock our throat chakra, supporting us to speak our inner Truth in circumstances where we would normally shy away from sharing ourselves. She lends us the courage to speak up. Carry her in your purse to business meetings, contract signings and social gatherings as a secret weapon of true self expression.

Photo: Ron Cogswell

 Pele of Hawaii

You will know Pele is with us in stages of life, death and rebirth. She is fiery, sexual and passionate, a goddess who is feared, respected and loved for her commitment to the feminine forces on her island. She has the power to heal, create, nurture - and destroy. Be careful what you wish for when invoking Pele. 

Herbal Invocation for Pele

Hibiscus - Drink her dried flowers as a tea or wear her aromatic scent in an essential oil to attract love in all forms and plant your dream seeds to manifest.

Ginger - A great addition to tea, as a raw topping or cooked in coconut oil with your meal, she is a fiery herb that invokes heat within our body through increasing our blood flow and circulation. Amazing remedy to warm a cold heart, we come alive within and without through her vitality.

Allspice Berry - Use her as a spice, tea or garnish on your alter to draw the essence of wealth towards you. Her wealth manifests through finances, health and prosperity through life stages. Remember goddesses, there are all different forms of wealth. It’s best to keep the gates open to all that desires to come through. 

Quan Yin

Quan Yin of Asia 

She is the Buddhist goddess of compassion, mercy, and kindness. Many say she is the role model of Mother Mary. She is what pure loving kindness looks and feels like. Her presence is comforting. The “Enlightened One” who sees the suffering of all creatures, no one is exempt from her healing heart. She is the female Buddha, free from the human plague of prideful emotion, anger and resentment.

Herbal Invocation for Quan Yin

Tea - The art of tea is a ceremony in itself. Cultivate your compassion and unconditional love for all beings through holding tea ceremony for a friend who is going through a challenging time in their life. Serve a delectable tea as you invite them to share their heart and offer your undivided attention.

Lotus - The thousand petal beauty that rises from the mud to bloom into the essence of femininity, her scent is intoxicating and as you wear her you will notice others interest in you deepen. Her petals represent the “Mysterious Gate” of our feminine center (yoni) and portal to creation. 

Black Rice - Known as “Forbidden Rice” throughout centuries of Chinese Dynasties, only the Emperors and Empresses were allowed to eat this special delicacy. Prepare her with intention for your own personal royal legacy to manifest. Leave a Spirit offering of a portion of rice on a separate plate while you eat. 


Ixchel of Mexico

Known as the Lady of Sacred Light and Goddess of the Rainbow, Ixchel is the Mayan goddess of the Moon, fertility and our menstrual cycle. You will find her amongst the oceans, rivers, lakes and streams, and will feel her presence beaming from heavenly rainbows. The legend of her commitment to her deep love with the young warrior Itzamna birthed one of the greatest love stories told of all time, what we know today as Romeo and Juliet.

Herbal Invocation for Ixchel

Cacao - the seed of the cacao fruit is a potent aphrodisiac that brings deep heart healing to all who taste her intoxicating nectar. Sacred to indigenous tribes representing the spirit of the Divine Feminine, her seeds can be ground into a fine powder and combined with honey, cinnamon and nut milk to make a warm drink (she is the ancestor of hot chocolate) to share with your lover, cultivate your sensuality and activate your passion for each other for a magical evening you’ll never forget. 

Maize Silk - As Ixchel is the goddess of fertility, she also rules the harvest. Honor your own ability to manifest abundance through taking the time to go to a farmers market one day a week and bringing home local fruits and vegetables to honor your body temple. As you eat, feel the difference in vibration eating living foods that came from the earth near your home instead of a shelf and give thanks to Ixchel for a bountiful harvest.

Copal Incense - Burning incense brings us into a meditative state and centers our spirit. Copal has a special gift to ignite the senses and transport us to our ancestral past. Invoke Ixchel through ceremoniously lighting copal under the new or full moon, returning your menstrual blood to the earth or a plant, and meditating by holding your hands over your womb to feel your life force creation energy and hone your feminine intuition.


Freyja of Europe

Freyja is the Norse Goddess of Love and War, for these two energies come together in many rites of passage. She presided over the Viking people and the colder regions of Northern Europe, and is associated with nature, mystic realms, wild animals and places. She has the ability to see into the future, and use her divination and magic towards wealth or destruction. No man on earth has the ability to resist her beauty. 

Herbal Invocation for Freyja

Cowslip - Place her beneath your front porch or under your doormat to ward off visitors with mal intentions. Make your own herbal beauty products with her to preserve youth and beauty. Her presence is known to uncover hidden treasure. Leave her in a vase in your house and pay attention to what happens. 

Primrose - A magical flower known to attract faeries, drink her in tea and decorate your bedroom with her to call in Freyja’s energy to attract love and lust in your life. Once you have attracted your lover, see her into their pillow to seal their loyalty to you. 

Strawberry Practice your divination skills with the juicy fruit of the strawberry. Bring home organic strawberries and split them into 3 groups. The first group cast a spell of love, the second of luck and the third of pregnancy. Next, allow your friends to choose a berry infused with your spell. It’s up to you whether you let them know your secret :) Finally, observe what happens over the next few months. 


Oshun of Africa 

Oshun is the goddess of moisture, flow and juiciness. She is the sparkling dewdrop in the morning mist of sunrise. She is granter of wishes and giver of laughter. She can help you unlock the codes of love and success when you pay proper respect. Oshun has a dangerous flip side that becomes enraged with jealousy, activated when lovers betray our sexual intimacy. With Oshun, the term “be careful what you wish for” is especially potent, and the outcome of your wish depends on which mood she is in when you ask. 

Herbal Invocation for Oshun

Burdock Root - A superfood that fights and kills the free radicals that cause cancer, Burdock root is a powerful ally that turn the tide of many threatening health conditions. As a tea, powder, tincture or ferment, burdock is a lover and a fighter just like Oshun. Honor her spirit through consumption and free consciousness journal writing about what you wish to release and let go in your life to clear space for new beginnings 5 minutes a day for a week. Remember to experience how light you feel afterwards.

Yarrow - The "Women's Herb," yarrow is gentle and feminine with a strong message. Used for thousands of years as a healing salve to pack wounds, she knows to staunch or encourage bleeding depending on what is going on in the body. Extremely intuitive, into her wisdom through your womb space. Every day this week, hold your hands in an inverted triangle over your womb, and say 5 things you love about yourself to yourself in the mirror. 

Chamomile - Best enjoyed in a cup of tea before bedtime or a relaxing yoni steam surrounded by candles and mood lighting. She invokes calm relaxation of the nervous system, slows down the mind and allows us to slip gracefully into our yin feminine essence. This makes us more grounded and able to process experiences. Tonight, get cozy in bed with a cup of chamomile tea and think about an experience you had this week that bothered you. See if you can figure out the true reason why without getting emotional or irrational about it.


Invoking the energy of the Goddesses around you will have a powerful effect on your consciousness and the way you live your life. You may find yourself encountering “co-incidences” that seem too magical for logical explanation, experiencing bursts of intuition, creativity and sensuality that seem to come from Mama Gaia herself. You may even find yourself in a river surrounded by rainbows speaking the Lady of Sacred Light! 

Wherever you may find yourself, she is there to support us transition, survive and thrive... all we have to do is ask. 


Sabrina is the co-Founder of Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam and is working on her Peristeam Therapy Certification. She walks the Priestess Path and shares Womb Wisdom Transmissions in gatherings from New York to California. She is inspired by nature, children and mystery. Bless! 


Main Image: Amanda Sage


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Sabrina Vedete
Sabrina Vedete


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