The Allure of Aphrodisiac Elixirs


Sex is transcendent, bed-quaking, mind-blowing — unless it’s not. To be honest, our lofty carnal fantasies too rarely manifest in real life, whether due to our insecurities or our stressed out schedules. Something gets in the way.

But great sex shouldn’t be a privilege that only a handful of mythical people with stress-free lives get to enjoy. We can all have it, if we take a moment to be in the moment.

Emanuel Donval, the man behind Emanuel’s Elixirs, crafts herbal aphrodisiac elixirs that help you find your center, where ecstatic states can be experienced.

"Good sex is a great tonic for the soul," says Emanuel. “The release of oxytocin, the bonding hormone, leaves us glowing inside and out.”



During our stress-filled days, most of us fall into what neurologists call the sympathetic mode, or the “fight or flight” state of mind. Aphrodisiacs shift our autonomous nervous system from this stressful state to the parasympathetic mode, when our bodies can relax and rejuvenate. “This is the time when the body digests, assimilates, rests, repairs, and when you feel relaxed,” says Emanuel.

When we’re more relaxed, we can be more emotionally receptive to our partners, which, of course, leads to more fulfilling sex.

Each of Emanuel’s Elixirs is a special concoction of aromatic herbs and bitters that awaken the heart and body to blissful receptivity. His recipe for the Awakening Aphrodisiac Elixir contains a revitalizing combination of Orange peel, vanilla bean, ginger, and guarana that provides a blissful boost. For a quieter blend that soothes as it stimulates, there’s the Relaxing Aphrodisiac Elixir, infused with cinnamon and vanilla Bean.

The Daily Women’s Sensual Tonic contains two herbs that are tailored for women’s needs: chaste tree berry extract, which alleviates menstrual discomfort, and the shatavari root, which harmonizes hormones and helps with vaginal dryness, dry skin, and lack of libido. The literal translation of its Ayurvedic name is titillating in its own right: “she who has hundreds of husbands.”


Faye Sakellaridis is the managing editor of The Alchemist's Kitchen and Reality Sandwich


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