Reinvent Yourself After the Eclipse with these Herbs

Did you get to watch the eclipse on Monday? Even if you missed it, don’t worry! You’ll still be affected by both the lunar and solar eclipse on August 7th and August 21st for several months and up to a year. This year’s eclipse season packs an extra potent punch, combined with good old Mercury Retrograde (in effect until September 5th), and two new moons in Leo.

Eclipses are known for shaking things up, and often usher in dramatic changes, welcome or not. Combined with Mercury Retrograde and double new moons in Leo, this is a time of clearing out the old to make way for new beginnings. What old patterns, vices, and habits keep coming up for you? What’s blocking the progress you want to make? What do you want to manifest for yourself in the coming months?

The Aug. 21 solar eclipse also forms a trine, a triangle-shaped alignment with Uranus, which famed astrologer Susan Miller says symbolizes innovation, and Saturn, which symbolizes stability. “This eclipse is saying to try something new. You have to evolve and you have to innovate something, reinvent somehow,” Miller says.

Reinvention, combined with the high tensions and frazzled energy of the pre-eclipse build up, can be a daunting task. Take heart though - our team of herbalists here at The Alchemist’s Kitchen have carefully selected products and other herbs that can help you attune to your specific needs during this time of change.

Aries - Right now, Aries is all about sensuality, parties, and pleasure! You don’t have to go on a bender - focus on what makes you feel great. This energy is also focused on community, friends, and building beneficial networks of support. Who do you have fun with and what do you have fun doing?

Herb picks: Damiana for calming aphrodisiac qualities; Angelica (Dong Quai) for nourishing, blood tonifying activity that can help to balance hormones and curb mood swings.

Product pick: Prash Tonic Ambrosia for sweet nourishment, energy, and dopamine production.

Taurus - Taurus would do best to focus on affairs close to home. Think about your family, your roommates, and the nest you’ve created for yourself - what makes you feel safe and secure? What grounds you? Make sure to clear your space of unnecessary objects and clutter, and don’t be afraid to make big but necessary changes you know are for the best.

Herb picks: Reishi for grounding, stress relief, lucid thinking, and immune support; Cedar for protection, strength, and antiseptic qualities.

Product pick: Sacred Space Spray for clearing negative energy, cleansing, and centering yourself and your abode.

Gemini  - You’re riding the high-speed winds of change during this cosmic shift, Gemini! You’ll be busy with obligations from work, friends, family, and more. You may find yourself beginning a new job or activity that has you making new connections and engaging in a bit of social flutter. Make sure you remain open-minded and in tune with your own needs.

Herb picks: Gotu Kola for tissue regeneration and quick thinking; Licorice to soothe the throat, support the adrenals, and aid in digestion

Product pick: Know Yourself Cards for inner and outer communication

Cancer - For Cancer, it’s all about actualizing your goals in areas of career, money, and self-worth! You are energized to make real, tangible progress on long term goals. At the same time, you may find your home life becomes more tranquil and intimacy with partners, associates, and friends can deepen.

Herb picks: Lion’s Mane mushroom for mental clarity and nerve healing; Lemon Balm for anxiety relief, digestive support, and memory  

Product pick: Cerebrum Brain Tonic to promote mental focus and cognition

Leo - For Leo, the cosmic forces of rebirth are super potent now. Think about making a major shift! Move to a different city, shake up your style, go on a retreat - be the person you’ve always wanted to (and known you could) become by getting rid of anything that’s non-new-you. What will you create on your blank slate?

Herbs pick: Aloe Vera for soothing, purifying, and protection; Yarrow for renewal, healing, and courage

Product pick: Naikela Cleansing Superfood Tea for a nutrient rich detox

Virgo - Usually steady, vigorous Virgo may be feeling a little shaky with all this frenetic energy. Rather than trying to take care of everything at once, take some time to reflect. Slow down, rest, look forward to the end of Mercury Retrograde - all will even out again. Plus, you’ll be grooving with good solar vibes for the rest of the year!

Herbs pick: St. John’s Wort for mood elevation, nerve health, and solar connection; Chamomile for comfort, calming, digestion, and reception of abundance

Product pick: Grounding Flower & Gem Tincture for connection with Earth and cleansing aura of chaotic technological and psychic energies

Libra - Super social Libra finds a purpose in collaboration and celebration during this time. Enlist friends and colleagues to assist you in your projects and plans, or volunteer to help an acquaintance out with an interesting-sounding venture. The more enthusiastic you are, the more success you’ll find!

Herbs pick: Albizzia for mood improvement, alleviating anxiety and stress, circulation, and inflammation; Fennel for sweet, easy digestion and relaxation

Product pick: Joy Juice Energy Mist for promoting euphoria, happiness, and good vibrations

Scorpio - Scorpio sees underlying issues come to a head. Pay attention to the root cause of problems, not just the symptoms! Now is a good time to get your financial affairs in order and be careful to plan for all possible outcomes; new opportunities will crop up in the coming months.

Herbs pick: Lemongrass for clarity of purpose, cellular health, and immune health; Skullcap for mood, cerebral nourishment, and nervous system support

Product pick: Abundance Crystal Candle for attracting with intention all you need, want, and then some!

Sagittarius - Set some intentions, Sagittarius. You’ll have a better chance of making them stick now than at New Years! Set clearly defined boundaries, and don’t be afraid to have big conversations around underlying relationship issues. You’ll soon find an easy balance between work and play.

Herbs pick: Tulsi (Holy Basil) for balancing the system, skin health, and digestion; Hawthorne for anxiety relief, strengthening and healing the heart

Product pick: Ashwagandha Powder for striking a new, healthful balance.

Capricorn - Let go of the past, Capricorn! New financial support could be headed your way, if you allow it room. You could also experience a sense of renewed energy to hone skill sets associated with your passions. In the preparation, preserve your energy and build up your reserves of strength.

Herb picks: Evening Primrose for nutrition, liver and heart health, and inflammation relief; He Shou Wu for strength, vitality, and tonifying immune support

Product picks: Rhodiola Powder for invigorating energy enhancement.

Aquarius - It’s all about connection, Aquarius! You’re normally very independant, but now is a time to lean on a partner or friend. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need from others; previous agreements can always be restructured. Friendships and relationships can become very helpful and new relationships are possible. Oh, and don’t let the haters get you down - they’re just jealous.

Herbs pick: Hibiscus for relief from depression and moodiness, antioxidant activity, and glowing skin; Linden for heart gladdening, gentle stress relief, and immune boosting properties.

Product pick: Joy Tonic Tincture for an open heart and a carefree ‘tude.

Pisces - Don’t overextend yourself, Pisces! Release yourself from people-pleasing tendencies and focus instead on your own health and wellness. Once you have your daily self care routine down, you can focus on what’s really important: manifesting those dreams you’re always dreaming. Combined with your natural talents, you’ll find long-term success.

Herbs pick: Mugwort for digestion, stress, dream recall and communication with the spirit world; Nettles for nourishment and high mineral content, antihistamine activity, kidney and bladder support, and whole system strengthening.

Product pick: Lucid Dreaming Tea for diving deep and discovering your soul’s desires.

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