Medicinal Herbal Soup for the Winter

by Alma Green

There's nothing like hot soup in the wintertime to heat up our insides and keep us feeling good. And when you add the right ingredients, soup can be a potent medicine. This recipe via Learning Herbs for Tom Kha, a Thai soup that combines the rich flavor of coconut milk and the tartness of lemongrass, adds powerful, immune-boosting herbs to the mix, making it equal parts savory and medicinal.

One of the herbs they include is ginger, which boasts a series of health benefits:

Ginger Ginger is a spicy herb that can promote digestion, quell nausea, lessen headaches, reduce pain, fight intestinal infections, and shorten the duration of a cold or flu. Ginger is one of my most reached for herbs simply because it does so much and it does it so well!

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