Live Positive with These 4 Adaptogenic Herbs


Many of us find that too often, we lose our center. Whether we're overworked, under rested, or pushing ourselves too hard, our equilibrium has shifted, and it can be difficult to regain. Adaptogens affects our bodies in ways that combat this exact phenomenon. As this blog via Lucky Vitamin puts it, they're like "super awesome mini ninjas" that help our body overcome whatever's draining it. Any medicine or practice that stabilizes our physiological processes and promotes feelings of balance and well-being is referred to as an adaptogen.

Naturally, there's quite a few herbs that fall under this umbrella. Lucky Vitamin lists four particularly potent adaptogens, and what about them makes them particular suited to bringing out our best selves.

The first one is Astralagus (pictured above), a root used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine that boosts immune system function:

Astralagus is an herb, the root of which has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It helps your immune system function optimally and increases overall vitality. And get this–one of the many ways it accomplishes this is by increasing the activity level of Natural Killer cells–yes, this is an actual scientific term. (The ninja metaphor doesn’t seem so outlandish now, does it?) Natural Killer cells are able to bind to stressed cells or virus-infected cells, and essentially assassinate them on a cellular level.

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