Let the Moon Empower You

The moon is a potent force for change. Many Moons 2017, Volume 2, is a witchy workbook for witches, women, femmes and weirdos that can help you tap into that. With a focus on the months of July through December, it contains research on the recipes, spell working suggestions and advice, manifestation musings, Tarot Talk, and self-help prompts, as well as research on the major Moon phases. 

We asked author and editor Sarah Faith Gottesdiener a few questions about this magical item!


What gave you the idea to create these workbooks? Was there a workbook that really worked for you and inspired you? 

After working with the phases of the Moon for five years, teaching workshops on this subject for three years, I received the message to create this unique workbook. I have read some great books on the Moon, magic, and manifestation, and some really not great books on the Moon, magic, and manifestation. I wanted to create a method that people could use in a variety of different ways: spiritual, magical, and practical. I wanted to provide people with tools for their own empowerment. I wish to provide people with suggestions to connect with, or connect more deeply with their own intuition and magic in a world that does not always support this. 

The only workbooks I’ve ever used are those by Mary K. Greer on the Tarot. 

The format of this book has questions for inquiry and some small spaces for writing. Writing is creation and connects us with our intuition. 


What kinds of testimonials have you received from the first one?

I have received many, many testimonials about these workbooks, which is in its fourth version. The first workbook started in 2015. Someone told me through working with the book they bought a house. Someone messaged me to tell me they began their successful business. I’ve had many people tell me they begin to manifest incredible outcomes as a result of doing this work. I receive messages from all over the world. Here’s one I received last week:

“Your book has made such a big impact on my life—I’ve used the last two books and I attribute getting a dream job and opening a witchy project space and studio, and focusing more on my art in a large part to your book. So thanks for being life changing!!! I'm sure it's not a small amount of work, so thanks for everything you've done for it.”

Obviously, I understand that it isn’t the workbook—it is always the people who truly commit to doing the work, both inner and outer. However, I will say that because my main intention for those utilizing this workbook is for them to fulfill their wildest hopes and sweetest dreams, the workbook itself is magical and acts as a spell. I only share methods that have worked for me.

When you commit to doing this work, wonderful results form. 


How is a connection with the rhythm and cycles of the moon empowering?

The Moon can be thought of as being synonymous with intuition. Intuition is a very important practical and spiritual tool to listen to, work with, and harness. When we utilize our intuition, we are empowering ourselves. All human beings possess intuition, we just have to practice reconnecting. The Moon controls the tides, and we are majority made of water. This is also connected to our emotions: tears, salt, blood, and other fluid are all related to release and energetic patterns. By being conscious and utilizing our emotions more effectively, we harness our subconscious and conscious mind. That in turn can affect change. 

We all have our own cycles and our own rhythms. Being attuned to these is a very potent tool that can help us in many areas of our lives. 

Who are your spiritual inspirations? 

Some of my inspirations are Starhawk, Demetra George, RuPaul, Robin Rose Bennett, Dori Midnight, Shel Silverstein, James Baldwin, Pema Chodron, Hilma af Klint, Laurie Cabot, Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walker, Frida Kahlo, and a lot of my friends: many whom are artists, witches, and magical people. 


You can buy it online at The Alchemist's Kitchen!

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