How to Grow Calendula Flowers

Calendula may be beautiful to look at with its vibrant orange shade, but it's not just eye candy -- you can also use it in food dishes and to make soap and beauty products. Because of its antibacterial and immunostimulant properties, it rejuvenates and heals skin, and is useful for treating cuts. It's a great choice for gardeners who want to grow plants that have multi purposes. Tanya from Lovely Greens provides a great guide to how to get started growing calendula, from finding the seeds to preparing the ground, in this blog post.

If you'd like to use Calendula to treat your skin, it's important to dry the petals. Tanya explains:

Drying Calendula Flowers
If you’d like to use your flowers in beauty products or if you’d like to save them for edible recipes later in the year you’ll need to dry the petals. The reason you dry them for beauty products is that the healing properties in the flowers are best extracted into oil. If you use fresh flowers, which have water content, you risk contaminating any oils you infuse the flowers into with that moisture. Moisture breeds bacteria and can also make the oil go rancid.
To dry your flowers:
  • Pluck the petals from the flower and place them on a paper plate or screen. Scatter them in a thin layer.
  • You can successfully air-dry the petals in a warm, airy, room. It can take up to four or five days for them to be absolutely dry.
  • Alternatively, dry them in a food dehydrator like I usually do. This is the best method for me since I dry a lot of petals at the same time. It will take just a few hours.

Read the full blog over at Lovely Greens here.

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