Grounding Herbal Bath Recipe

by Davin Turkewitz September 14, 2016

Grounding Herbal Bath Recipe

Water is a powerful source of healing. Immersing ourselves in large bodies of water can bring us a feeling of peaceful, all-encompassing stillness. In this beautifully written blog on Cauldrons & Crockpots, Rebecca gives a verbal ode to water and the way it "gets us all on a cellular level," permeating us to our core. 

We can bring the art of herbalism to water through herbal baths. Rebecca shares a few recipes for herbal baths that nourish and restore while providing heavenly relaxation.

Here is a root bath recipe for when you're feeling ungrounded:


Root bath:


I love this bath for when feeling a bit ungrounded and shaky. When I’ve been doing too much and extending outside myself for too long, feeling like I’m running out of reserves. Exhausted body states, fried nerves. A root bath is the way to go: think of how roots run deep into the earth and how that earth is so solid and stable. And think of how you feel when you’ve got nothing left to give, like if you could be wrapped up in something that solid and stable you might be able to draw nourishment from it just as a root would pull in nourishment from the earth, and that might help you become yourself again.


1 cup ashwagandha root
1 cup shatavari root
1 cup devil’s club root
1 cup aralia root (if you can find it, if not, leave out)
1 cup oat straw


Mix the herbs together in a big bowl then store in an airtight jar. To prepare, simmer 1 cup of the bath blend in a stock pot full of water for 1/2 hour, then strain the mixture into the bath tub.


You can read Rebecca's full blog and find out more herbal bath recipes here.






Davin Turkewitz
Davin Turkewitz