Gemini New Moon: Tender Communication

by Juliana McCarthy June 14, 2018

black and white graphic image, two men facing each other, hands outstretched, Gemini

The Gemini new moon asks us to blend our hearts and minds, and deepen our communication.

via Ethereal Culture:

A Gemini New Moon arrives on Wednesday at 3:43pm EDT, in mutual reception with Mercury. With the emotional Moon and intellectual Mercury visiting each other's signs, the planets are pushing us to blend our hearts and minds. We're softening our mental rigidity as we learn to deepen our communication.

Meanwhile, Uranus is forming a T-Square with Venus and Mars, helping us revolutionize the feminine and masculine within each of us—bringing them into greater balance and authenticity. We're learning to relate with one another with more honesty and depth as we strengthen our confidence and vulnerability.

With Mars conjoining the South Node while preparing to station retrograde, the masculine is being challenged in particular. We’re breaking free of old aggressions, abusiveness, and the need for dominance and control. This way, we can leave behind repressive behaviors and conditioning, making room for a more empowered feminine.

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Juliana McCarthy
Juliana McCarthy