Frankincense: The Soul Fragrance


Frankincense, is commonly used as an essential oil in aromatherapy for its soothing properties that reduce stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation. It also heals skin cells and acts as a powerful antiseptic.

Many cultures regard it as a sacred resin that can connect our souls to spiritual realms.

Flower Folk Herbs writes:

Let’s speak a bit of the more esoteric and spiritual aspects of this amazing resin… Frankincense is a venerable old tree, in use for thousands and thousands of years. It was so highly treasured that it was brought as one of the gifts of the Wise Men to be presented at Jesus’ birth.  The resin was also found in the tombs of Egyptian mummies, used not only as an embalming agent, but also as an offering to help the departed souls make their journey to the afterlife.

Amongst many cultures around the world the fragrance of this resin was believed to increase one’s spiritual connection and intuition. The Chinese called it “fanhunxiang”meaningcalling back the soul fragrance.” It is often used in meditation, since the scent is calming, grounding and pleasant to the senses. It helps one to become more present in the moment and encourages feelings of peace. 

Several religions use frankincense incense in their ceremonies. It may be used to prepare the environment for ritual, and is said to call forth the angels and other invisible beings to assist in creating sacred space. Symbolically, the smoke that rises as the resin burns helps to carry prayers and offerings to Heaven.

Learn more about frankincense and and ways to use it over at Flower Folk Herbs.

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