Deep Dreaming with Blue Lotus

by Davin Turkewitz September 06, 2017

Deep Dreaming with Blue Lotus


by Alma Green

Blue lotus, a flower favored highly in ancient Egypt, is a subtle psychoactive that induces feelings of tranquility and euphoria, and can give waking life the trance-like quality of a dream. It can also making our dreaming life more vivid, and potentiate our ability to lucid dream.

Blue lotus is a natural sedative that promotes mental, physical and emotional well-being in a variety of ways. On Trinfinity, Kathy J. Forti writes that blue lotus contains the natural anti-spasmodic nuciferan and aporphine, “which will give you feelings of calming euphoria,” making it a “natural anti-anxiety and stress reliever.” She also notes that it’s been reported to have aphrodisiac qualities, and to remedy erectile dysfunction.

She writes:

Users reports that the plant’s calming effect is much like the drug Ecstasy (MDMA), while others report a mild stimulant-like effect with tingling sensations. Some have used Blue Lotus to help relieve depression by opening them to greater examination of what led to their depression. With calming euphoria often comes insight—which is why the ancients prized Blue Lotus effects. It was believed that use would easily release fear and lead to increased states of cosmic connection and ultimate soul growth.


Ancient Egyptians considered the blue lotus a sacred sacrament that connected them to the divine through ecstatic states of consciousness. Symbolically, they associated with the sun, creation and rebirth due to the way the flower closes and sink into the water at night, and remerges during the day. Blue lotus was also enjoyed recreationally, as we can tell from the way ancient Egyptians depicted it in orgiastic party scenes in their art.


If you have difficulty achieving restful sleep, blue lotus’s meditative effects can help usher you into a more nourishing, blissful sleep. Users have reported experiencing clearer, more colorful dreams, as well as enhanced dream recall.

Blue lotus is can be brewed as a tea, steeped in wine, smoked, or taken as an extract, oil, or tincture.


Davin Turkewitz
Davin Turkewitz