Our Marketing Team Went to the Hamptons for a CBD Yoga Class - Here’s What Happened.

Recently, our Marketing Team (Kate B., Casey F., and Davin T.) took a drive out from the New York City to visit the Mandala Yoga Center for Healing Arts in Amagansett, who are now carrying our Plant Alchemy CBD products, and are also offering our CBD as part of their yoga classes! We wanted to see for ourselves what it would be like to use our CBD in a yoga class.

Kate and Davin

We first arrived in the Hamptons, where we’d be spending the night with a friend at his place in the woods before heading to Amagansett the next day. Upon arrival, we immediately allowed ourselves to take a deep breath of fresh air (which is not easy to do in the city!). We spent the evening decompressing, relaxing and talking. In the morning, on our way to the yoga studio, we stopped at an adorable coffee place on the way (thank you Mary’s Marvelous -- the cold brew was 100%!).

Heidi, Mandala Yoga Center’s Retail and Event Director, welcomed the team at Mandala Yoga Center for Healing Arts with a beaming smile, enthusiastic for our arrival and the budding partnership between The Alchemist’s Kitchen and the Mandala Yoga Center.

As Heidi welcomed us, Jolie, the center's founder and director, glided in with an armful of flowers, which she started planting. The two had very different vibrations - Heidi is high energy while Jolie is laid back - but clearly had a tight knit, sisterly bond.

They showed us where they were selling our Plant Alchemy CBD. It was amazing to see our CBD line displayed in their beautiful space!

We were also excited to hear that their students have been having a lot of success using CBD. Before entering the class, we did a couple of drops and let the plant do its magic.

As we stretched throughout the class we felt washed of the anxiety of the city and spent the next hour enjoying pure bliss. The CBD helped us get immersed into the class and stay present during each posture.

(To learn more about how CBD and yoga can enhance the mind and body connection, check out this blog written by our fabulous editor Faye!)

After the class we shared a beautiful conversation about the Mandala Center with Jolie while enjoying the green lush lawn outside of the center. Jolie told us that exploring healing modalities like yoga and herbal medicine is all about giving yourself the necessary tools to be a kind and compassionate person, both to yourself and your loved ones. We couldn’t agree more!

As we left, we felt like we had discovered the long lost sister of The Alchemist’s Kitchen and she was wearing sandals and a beach hat.

We can’t wait to visit again this summer and experience this beautiful class again!

If you happen to be in The Hamptons this summer, check out Mandala Yoga Center for the Healing Arts and Our CBD Yoga Classes there!

And if you’d like to incorporate CBD into your yoga practice, check out our Plant Alchemy CBD line here.


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