The Alchemist's Kitchen: A Mecca for Learning About CBD

by Faye Sakellaridis August 03, 2018

The Alchemist's Kitchen: A Mecca for Learning About CBD

The desire to learn more about CBD (cannabidiol) is in full bloom. CBD has been garnering major mainstream attention for its medicinal propertiesand is being used by doctors to treat chronic pain, anxiety, seizures, and PTSD, among many other ailments. 

As its popularity grows, more and more New Yorkers are curious about the myriad medicinal benefits of CBD. According to this Gothamist article, The Alchemist's Kitchen is the New Yorker's #1 spot to learn about CBD. 

It's "basically the botanical equivalent of Apple's Genius bar," writes Gothamist's Ben Yaka. 

Located on E 1st Street off the Bowery in Lower Manhattan, The Alchemist's Kitchen is the epicenter for all things CBD. We carry top-quality CBD products from the most trusted brands (like Lord Jones). Our own CBD line, Plant Alchemy, is crafted in collaboration with the finest growers from Colorado and California, and is organic and pesticide-free, made from plants sustainably grown in both field and greenhouse environments. 

In addition our line of CBD remedies, we host educational workshops on CBD monthly, and have multiple herbalists on hand to guide you through any questions you may have. 

The Alchemist's Kitchen has been "ahead of the curve of all things CBD, making it the ultimate destination for New Yorkers trying to parse the difference between full spectrum and isolate," writes Yaka.

Yaka visited the shop and spoke with our CEO Lou Sagar, as well as our herbal program manager Emily Berg, about the growing movement around CBD.

via Gothamist:

"It's really an amazing time because it's such a movement," said CEO Lou Sagar. "The fact that [NYC] hasn't had all the liberation that California has had works to our interests too—let's be really medicinal, let's not fool each other."

"Some people want to get their Reiki on, some people want to drink their Reishi," Sagar added. "It's all part of the same community, so The Alchemist's Kitchen is just trying to be a place where you can have the dialogue. Where people can come in who have menstrual cramps or thyroid conditions and ask, is there something I can do? We're trying to use herbalists to say yeah, there is something to this, why don't you try this, put it in your tea? And that's working well."

Virtually anyone can benefit from CBD:

"We see a lot of Baby Boomers coming in, people who may have been familiar with cannabis from another era, so to speak, but they're interested in the medicinal properties of it and how it can help their aging parents as well," said Emily Berg, an Herbal Program Manager with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things CBD. "They're intrigued. Maybe they've heard about it through word of mouth. A lot of people come in not knowing anything and sort of need the walk through, but it's definitely becoming more mainstream and popular. We see it now with coffee or in edibles, or as part of different yoga classes and experiences."

"The more I learn about it, the more I feel like everyone can benefit from it," she added. "So if you're in a lot of pain, and you need immediate relief, it'll help you achieve that. If you're about to have a panic attack, it'll help relax you in the moment. If you need to sleep, it's not actually a sedative, but what it does helps your brain recognize that it can go from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic, like fight or flight to rest and digest mode. So it's often helping your body to sort of get through any adrenaline that's rushing in the system, and realize how tired it might be, or help you to relax in that sense."

We believe strongly in the healing power of CBD, which is why we're devoted to providing the best education, and giving you access to top-of-the-line brands. If you're in New York, we hope you'll come by, say hello, and learn more about CBD with us! 

Read the full Gothamist article here.

Faye Sakellaridis
Faye Sakellaridis